South African Adventure Tourism

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.09.18 PMJohan Radcliffe is well known in South African adventure tourism circles, in particular for his adventure guide website Dirty Boots. Johan recently endeavoured to generate statistics on the adventure industry to help guide and also promote the growth of adventure tourism in South Africa. "So after 10 years in the adventure industry, with no reports that I know of coming from the powers that be I decided to do my own survey. So after hundreds of hours on the phone, this is the result of that survey" says Johan. It is a fascinating report, and includes some surprising facts. For example, who would have thought that horse riding as an activity has the most operators in South Africa, while trout fishing has the least? Or that the highest income generating activity in adventure tourism in South shark cage diving? It is a cleverly constructed piece of research, which is well worth flipping through. It can be found here.