Discovering Cycle Routes in SA

Discovering the Ceaseless Attractions along the Countless Cycle Routes of South Africa Criss-crossed by fascinating roads, South Africa is the ultimate cycling destination. Pedal your way through the bustling cities, pass through the lush vineyards, bike uphill the picture perfect mountain tops and stop in-between to soak in the vibrant beauty of the small neighborhoods. Not only are the destinations beautiful, but also, the often tarry and sometimes dusty roads that lead to them are greatly interesting, making every small or big travel an enriching journey in itself. Mountain biking in South Africa Some of the finest cycling routes of South Africa can be explored only after a 45 minutes drive from Cape Town. Single tracks, farm roads, wine routes – the choices are endless. Realize your active holiday dreams as you twist and turn your way passionately through the mountain bike trails passing through private wine estates, forests and over rolling valleys. Mountain bikers adore Elgin Valley along the Western Cape. Biking along the privately farmed foothills of the Helderberg Mountains also makes for a charming holiday, especially as it is suited for riders of every age, skill and fitness level. Mountain biking on the Rhebokskloof trail also makes for an enchanting experience with the riders soaking in the spectacular views of the Paarl valley and the neighboring wine estates. Beyond the mountains The great South African adventure doesn’t end in the mountains. Your two wheels are the best companion to explore Cape Winelands and the lovely towns of Paarl, Franschhoek, and Stellenbosch with gourmet food and wine breaks. Or, join the Sustainable Tourism Cycling Tour campaign by exploring the township culture of Khayelitsha on your two-wheeler. Riding in the sunshine or under the light of a starlit sky in the Karoo is another favorite. Or, if you so prefer, follow the Garden Route cycling past the Knysna lagoon, passing through the indigenous wilderness or along the gorgeous virgin beaches. For those in search of the oldest landmarks, a cycle tour of Cape Town visiting the historic Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town City Hall, Old Town House, Slave House and the others, makes for a rewarding experience. From July to November, you can cycle through South Africa’s whale route for the most beautiful whale sightings as you pedal past picture-perfect fynbos, quirky coastal villages, pretty lagoons, and estuaries. A cycle tour reveals a country in a whole new light and the same is true for South Africa. The tours are tailored to suit the various interests and skill levels and are often guided. From the vibrant Bo Kaap quarter of Cape Town to the rolling slopes of the Table Mountain, cycling through South Africa never ceases to surprise. Then, of course, the companionship of the fellow cycling nomads make such journeys even more rewarding as you pedal together, share your thoughts and tell and listen to unique travel stories.

Multi-Sport Holidays: A Challenge for the Whole Family

Multi-Sport Holidays: A Challenge for the Whole Family How often does your family get out into nature? The average child spends around seven hours a day glued to a screen. If you’re stuck for ideas for your next family vacation, why not think about a multi-sport holiday? South Africa is the perfect destination to get away from technology and throw the whole family into a host of new and fun outdoor activities. Burn off your kids’ energy, learn a new skill, and give them a new passion for outdoor recreation! Great for First-Timers Multi-sport holidays are a brilliant choice if you’re new to outdoor sports, as you get a taste of everything. South Africa is a fantastic choice of location, as the varied landscape means you get to try all these sports at their best. The varied schedule keeps you outside, active, and interested throughout the whole week, and you don’t get stuck with something you don’t enjoy. If you’re introducing your kids to these sports for the first time, make sure they don’t get overstretched and overwhelmed; you want them to catch the bug, not be put off it for life. Your travel company will be able to advise on how strenuous or long the activities are and what are suitable for kids or first-timers. Something for Everyone There’s a whole host of activities you can try, but some good ones to start with are:
  • Mountain biking: the thrill of speeding down a dirt track and negotiating rocky corners is a completely different experience to cycling on the pavement at home - try the winding passes of the East Cape Highlands for some of South Africa's best views.
  • White-water rafting: an adrenalin rush for those who love being on the water. Work as a team to steer your raft through the rapids on the mighty Tugela river.
  • Canoeing: if you’re after a more sedate pace with opportunities to spot some local wildlife, try heading out on the Pongola river armed with your binoculars.
  • Hiking: a great way to get lost in the wilderness - although hopefully only metaphorically! Choose a trail suited to your family’s ability, and set your pace so everyone can enjoy it. Pick up a guide book and teach your kids about wildlife and plant species or map reading and wayfinding while you go. As with most outdoor activities, even your four-legged friends can come hiking, and the bravery and endurance dogs possess makes them ideal adventure companions.
The Secret Benefits Outdoor sports are great for challenging comfort zones and overcoming adversity - valuable life skills to encourage in your kids. They’re also great bonding experiences for families, especially when you’re working together to negotiate a particular problem. It’s been proven that people are happier when they spend money on experiences rather than physical objects, so what better way is there to create some great family memories than to go experience the outdoors together?